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Goods Return Policy

  1. We provide 100% return warranty on all products you've purchased regardless it's dissatisfaction or defected item.
  2. The warranty is valid for 7 days after the order is delivered out by us.
  3. To avoid the warranty being abused, all refund is not in cash basis but in Refund Voucher which allows you to make the same amount of deduction in your future order. Please take note on the calculation of the Refund Voucher.
  4. Unless it's our mistake for sending wrong item to you, other reasons of return are not allowed for item exchange. You may use the Refund Voucher to re-order from our website and get instant deduction on the order amount. However, please note that shipping charges is not included in the Refund Voucher.
  5. Please make sure the item is not being used and please retain the original packing and quality card. Any used, scratches or damages caused by own careless will not be accepted
  6. Each piece of our online merchandise item will be scan through our hand for quality inspection, and marked on with the quality of cards. This is due to that quality standards are very subjective; usually a small stain/spot, off-line, lint problem is not summed up as quality issues. If you would want to return, it will be summed up as the "unsatisfactory" category.