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Agate is formed hydrothermally in silicic acid-poor volcanic rock. Hot silicic acid solutions accumulate in hollow spaces formed by gas bubbles in the cooling lava. On cooling, the solutions solidify into quartz, which is deposited layer by layer on the walls of the hollow spaces.
Agate enjoyed a high reputation as a protective and good luck stone in the ancient world.


Spiritually – Agate supports retreat and spiritualization. It encourages a calm and contemplative view of life and helps with a concentrated, positive regulation of our affairs. Agate encourages the conscious ‘digesting’ of our life’s experiences and leads to spiritual maturity and growth, inner stability and a sense of reality.

Emotional – Agate give protection, security and safety by dissolving internal tensions, and also makes us better able to resist external influences.


Mentally – Agate strengthens logical/rational thought that we use to help ourselves analyse problems back to their causes. Agate helps find simple, pragmatic solutions that are put into action, calmly but without delay. Agate also enhances concentration on that which is essential and avoids distractions.


Physically – Agate balance our auras and the energy body. On this level, it has, therefore, a protective effect, is harmonizing and stabilizes health. Agate stimulates the digestion and elimination, strengthens the blood vessels and helps with skin diseases.










1. 玛瑙是佛教七宝之一,自古以来一直被当为辟邪物、护身符使用,象征友善的爱心和希望,有助于消除压力、疲劳、浊气等负性能量。 
2. 将适量的玛瑙放置于枕头下,有助于安稳睡眠,并带来夜夜好梦。 
3. 玛瑙可以为一些的水晶饰品来消磁充电,如戒指、坠子、耳环、手链等。 

4. 读书的小朋友多接触带水玛瑙,可以感染水的特性,聪明、灵活、乖巧、学习力强、适应力佳。 

5. 戴着带水玛瑙,可以强化亲和力,能够灵活应变,八面玲珑,有助事业成长,财源旺盛。  

7. 夫妻房中摆设带水玛瑙,有助于夫妻感情和睦,增进闺房之乐。 

8. 玛瑙可改善内分泌,加强血液循环,让气色变好,消除性方面的障碍,避免性无能与不孕产生,偏橘色的红玛瑙则可对直肠,胃肠都有效用,可活化内脏,预防便秘,帮助排出毒素,对肝病、风湿、神经痛、静脉曲张等都有舒缓的功用,对于女性,长期佩带玛瑙可以使皮肤润滑,心情开朗,血液循环增强,使嘴唇红润,眼珠明亮有神。